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    Help with horizontal blur on CMVS to OSSC

    He's getting wobbly edges even in generic mode on the OSSC, and he's had to change the default on the h-sync to even get a picture. This sounds to me like the consolization of the MVS is more the culprit. Would need to see pics of all the conversion PCB circuits. Beyond that, I'd recommend...
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    Wanting to trade AES NeoSD for MVS version straight up:

    My hesitance is due to some of the horror stories I've listened to about sellers getting ripped off on ebay. You make it sound like a breeze, and if it is, I would gladly go that method.
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    Wanting to trade AES NeoSD for MVS version straight up:

    It's 350 Euros, and I can't afford that right now as I'm buying a new 65 inch TV. I'm hoping to just find someone that would like the AES version and swap with. That way, neither person has to spend any money except on shipping.
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    Wanting to trade AES NeoSD for MVS version straight up:

    This is not the pro version, but the regular version. Just looking for a trade for the regular MVS version. Cart is in perfect condition and includes SD card with latest firmware installed. Here's an older pic of it in my AES:
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    2.1mm Barrels versus 2.5mm:

    Had someone confirm 2.1mm works perfectly fine for NEO-POW3 consoles, so I've updated my guide to exclusively use 2.1mm center pin diameter. Better to have a snug fit than a loose one. Edit: Also had someone confirm the NEO-POW3 itself is in fact a 2.1mm center diameter barrel. So that's...
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    2.1mm Barrels versus 2.5mm:

    I've been attempting to write the most concise guide I can for AES power supplies, but I noticed mentions that NEO-POW3 uses a 2.5mm center diameter, meanwhile the older PRO-POW uses 2.1mm. Here's my guide thus far: Can anyone that has both adapters...
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    NEO-POW3 (AES power supply) outputs 17v?

    Edit: Never mind. Was able to get confirmation all AES adapters using 2.1mm center pin barrels.
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    MV-1C Audio (mix and amp question).

    The is to me what makes the MV-1C so awesome. The ASIC revision on the MV-1C has ALL the audio sent digitally to the DAC. The "mix" pad needed for other revisions is due to one of the sound channels being analog only. When I get my HAS Supergun in, I'm going to start work on a digital audio mod...
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    PRO-POW3 PSU Non-Genny Replacement

    Edit: PRO-POW3 (NEO-POW3) is 2.1mm center pin barrel. You need a "-R" designation Triad, not "-R13".
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    The audio issue of AES revision 3-4

    One of the parts went out of stock in my BoM list, so I took the opportunity to update the list with 'audiophile' parts (Nichicon gold 470uF cap, and C0G/NP0 ceramics). I updated my web page guide with the new installation pics and BoM link, in addition to a new 24-bit, 96KHz rip of the Mr. Big...
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    "NEOGEO-2" Schematic theory:

    Fair points. Indeed my speculation of the rarity of the 3-2 is likely not the case, and more likely that the 3-2 was made purely as an in-house prototype based on these schematics. However, there are plenty of circumstantial points to be made that these schematics were the bases for the 3-2: The...
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    "NEOGEO-2" Schematic theory:

    Did it reach the surface of the water before full exit?
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    Neo Geo AES - NEO-AES3-2 -

    If you happen to still have this board, can you take a pic of the underside of the board at the headphone jack showing the audio circuit traces to the JRC chip? Need to check on a theory that the "NEOGEO-2" schematics on the Internet are of this particular revision.
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    "NEOGEO-2" Schematic theory:

    So this may be already common knowledge, but after reviewing the schematics floating around on the internet: My friend Ste pointed out it cannot have been of the 3-6, even though the stereo audio channels are swapped in the schematic's...
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    Neo Geo AES 3-3 revision: Mods & enchancements - Help needed

    Just bumping this with actual scope readings now that I have a Rigol 4-channel scope. So first up is the csync measurement of about 325mV (tolerance range for SCART is 220mV to 950mV): And then I showed all three RGB channels at the same time under peak output with a reading close to 690mV...