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    New LGR video about using arcade boards @ home, including the MVS.

    I hope the sudden fascination with buying PCBs will die quick when these new people buy some boards with dead chips.
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    Fav unported arcade games?

    I liked Dolphin Blue. I don't think that was ported to anything.
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    The HotD 4 - it didn’t suck - Light Gun Lounge - 4/5

    Another nice video. Keep it up man.
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    CPS 2 - full season on YT, first ep today - go watch it or something

    lol, that would be great and awful at the same time.
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    Captain Spaulding Dead @ 80

    Oh fuck this sucks. I just saw him at monsterpalooza a few months back and he looked pretty bad. RIP
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    CPS 2 - full season on YT, first ep today - go watch it or something

    Nice, Just watched it. Looking forward to the rest.
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    I made a tutorial on pin crimping and kick harness building

    Thanks, your really putting out some quality info. :buttrock:
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    Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) dead at 74

    RIP. It isn't to surprising, he hasn't looked all that well these last few years.
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    Capcom Home Arcade

    Wow that is one ugly creation. I would have to imagine getting the license for avp will be of some benefit. There is no way they went through all that effor to only port it on this turd.
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    Capcom Home Arcade

    Could be a cool solution for some people. I doubt I'll be getting one.
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    The trailer was released today. What do you guys think of it?
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    FS - CPS 2 Kick / AvP or D&D 3/4p harness

    Id be interested in one.
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    1st post on the forum

    My thoughts as well.
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    Free Tacoma for pc

    Lol, I think Toyota might do a better job.
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    Free Tacoma for pc

    All you have to do is sign up for the humble bundle newsletter. Can't vouch for the quality of the game but at least it's free.