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    PVM 20m4e ext sync problem

    Hi guys, After changing some settings I have this problem: if I power on the monitor, without the AES powered on, the screen goes black and the tally light is lit red. The same thing happens if I turn off the AES while the monitor is on. It all works fine if Ext sync button is pressed after the...
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    WTB: Undamned DB15 USB Decoder

    Hi guys, I've been refreshing that Paradise arcade shop website for a some time but no luck enter when they are in stock. So, anyone got a unit to sell? Thanks EDIT: I guess this should be in the Everything else category. If a mod wants to remove or delete this thread I'll make a new one in...
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    WTB - Nightmare in the Dark english MVS

    Hello, I'm looking for a NitD cart, or kit depending on price, in good/near mint condition with label intact and legible. Prefer shipping withing the EU. Thanks
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    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    I'm considering selling my US MSX AES but haven't seen anyone selling one here during the last year. What's the current rate? According to Neo Geo Kult price guide it should be 1300Euro.
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    Ninja Master's #050105

    Hi, A couple of months ago I was bidding on a Korean Ninja Master's cart on eBay sold from Korea with the s/n 050105. Today I saw this auction, also sold from Korea: ..and remember seeing this on MVS...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got my first MVS kit today - these greyish white carts look great! I haven't opened it but both stickers in the side are intact. It also came with the soft dip settings and mini marquee, from what I understand these are often missing in LB2 kits?
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    Ninja Masters MVS

    Hi there, I'm still looking for an english Ninja Masters MVS cart in mint condition. I'll pay what they are going for nowadays (200-250USD depending on condition). Send me a PM. Cheers & Happy Halloween!
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    WTB: Thick PS1 case(s)

    Greetings! I'm looking for a Playstation dual case. I've got one with broken teeth which I want to replace.. Do you have one for sale or know where I can buy one, let me know! Thanks. Cheers
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    Daedalus MVS converter switch

    Hi, I remember when I received it I was fiddling with it and can't remember if I got it back to its original position. In what position should the switch be at when it's off? Should it up or down (red marker) when facing towards you? I use a 9v system and MSX plays fine in both switch modes...
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    CMS's MVS & AES collection

    Hi and welcome to see my Neo Geo AES & MVS collection. I’ve bought a couple of Shockboxes but think I will just keep them like this to save space. Cheers
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    WTB: Metal Slug X holo label MVS

    Hi, I'm looking for Metal Slug X with holo label. It can be a loose cart but in good condition and label should be intact. PM me if you want to sell your copy. Thanks for looking :)
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    Sengoku 3 US wanted

    Hi there! If you have a Sengoku 3 US for sale PM me! Thanks :)
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    Bad result from RGB mod

    Hi, I just got a RGB modification on me AES and the result was not as good as I hoped for. It's actually worse than before. When there's a lot of yellow on screen it gets overexposed and other colours like blue laser that used to be bright is now just under saturated. Was this modification...
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    Pro Pow US console?

    Hi everyone! After reading about different systems origin I've seen most people agree on that a Pro Pow system is Japanese because the Pro Pow adapters have the input of 100V (also thanks to Jamma Nation PSU list) I have a first gen system with serial 25264 with yellow daughter-board and it...
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    MVS exclusives on stock bios AES

    Hi, will all MVS exclusive titles work on a stock bios AES (with a converter/converted)? I read that Shock troopers has a simple AES feature, how about Strikers 1945 & Prehistoric Isle 2?