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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Shock Troopers 2nd Squad :cool:
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    Suspicious two "jack holes" under label?

    I've never seen any of these connection ports than on the carts they belong on (League Bowling, Riding Hero, Trash Rally ... that's it). It could be a shell swap off course.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I got both of them for 150 euro combined (including shipping) so I like to value TPG at around 20 euro and that way convince myself I've only payed 120 euro for the Sengoku 2 cart :mr_t: On ebay, apart from one 30 euro listing in Greece (immediately snooped up) I have only seen sold for 150+...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Some carts that arrived today :glee: The Sengoku 2 cart certainly has been one of the hardest carts yet to find.
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    I received today...

    Well I (sort of) agree. I'll still personally pay (a little) more for a minty label if easily available but I'll take a damaged or missing one for a game I want. I have nothing against replacement labels per se, but they should be just that imo (clearly be identifiable as replacement labels...
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    I received today...

    I must say I disagree on the 'meant to be ugly bastards' part, but that's might mostly be personal preference / taste of course. A nice minty MVS cartridge with original boards and a nice hologram label can look sexy (in my opinion). And it's arguably (a tiny bit) more authentic. Although...
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    The 1991 game selection - Your favorites?

    Finding Crossed Swords in a thrift shop nowadays is pretty cool in my opinion. I payed around € 30 last year and I considered that a very good deal, so I would rate € 40 still as a good deal (if the label is nice etc). Did they only have a single cart, or do they have a pile of MVS carts just...
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    Most bootlegged MVS games

    It is possible to open up carts without damaging the label (be careful though, and practice on a worthless cart first), but most of the time (when you use a strong light source) you can just peek through the 'vent' holes and assess if the boards are correctly corresponding to what's up for them...
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    I received today...

    It's not as clear in the picture but the label is (quite recently, if you ask me) printed and then glued on top of another (perhaps damaged, or Japanese) label. You can still see the 'printed' borders (they were not 100% accurate with the scissors).
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    I received today...

    Some cheaper carts (a pity the 2020 SB label is fake, I will have to search for a cart with an original label someday).
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    Twinkle star sprites

    I bought this one a few months ago for 200 euro (minus shipping): The picture is not the best but the hologram label is in good condition, boards are original. I would say 210 euro for original is not a steal but currently still a good deal if your label is semi-nice. It's a bit high but...
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    saw this on ebay...

    All you need to know about scalers: But in the end a good CRT will still give best picture output for the Neo.
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    Neo Geo MVS "Print" cartridges

    Just to be clear: these are not my games, just saw them offered online today. I agree with them being a curiosity but I'm still interested in all facts that are known about them.
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    Neo Geo MVS "Print" cartridges

    For me it was the first time I saw these offered. I don't need them (since they don't boot correctly on 'standard' MVS systems it seems) but I still consider them some nice artifacts of Neo-Geo / SNK history :glee: It needs a special MVS-based custom motherboard. So how rare are these systems?
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    When Neo-Geo exists no more......

    I don't believe these (physical) artifacts will wither from our collective memories that easily (although I can see a serious price correction happening in some cases). Look at old stamps. It's not like they lost their collectibility (even though it can easily be argued they are now obsolete...