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    Something I've been working on.

    Is there an option to boot the dev system for CD for homebrew? I though it was shown in one video. I have absolutely no soldering skills, so I wouldn't want to risk damaging a Neo Geo CD. I was thinking more along the lines mentioned above, where you would boot a CD, and then be able to load...
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    Neogeo Emulator running on LeapFrog LeapsterGS

    Do you think it would be possible to get a homebrew game working on the Leapster or LeapsterGS, without a custom version of Linix? I did a port of a game to the Didj using the default system (, and would like to move it over to the Leapster. The only issue I ran into...
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    Something I've been working on.

    Damn, that's some awesome news. Might be a perfect excuse for Frog Feast 2... or not. Any idea on a price point? Could a similar concept work on systems such as the 3DO? When uploading MVS games, are you doing the graphics bit swap in real time?
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    Neo Geo Music Video, a.k.a. "Four Bright Buttons & Two Joy Sticks"

    Well done, love the song and video. It's on Napster's what's new, that's where I first found it.
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    Special Retro Gamer offer for US subs

    Gotta agree with that. When the new team took over, a few years ago, the quality didn't seem to carry through.
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    What happened to Vektorlogic ?????

    Digging up an old post Nothing like digging up an old post.. Found it in a google search. Just stumbled on this, it looks like some work was done on a 'Raptor' game system in 2004-2005:
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    Homebrew interest?

    Would you consider purchasing smaller homebrew Neo Geo CD games starting at $10 to $13? At this price, only the CD with professionally printed label would be included. More expensive packages would be available. Assuming you would purchase the games, would you be more likely to buy just the CD...
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    Frog Feast for neo geo cd

    OlderGame ( still has it for sale.
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    Wanted broken Neo Geo CD power supply

    I am interested in buying a broken Neo Geo CD power supply, or the connector. Thanks.
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    If SNK-P would make yet ANOTHER NEo Geo CD...

    I'd say, use the VTech V.Flash chipset and sell it like they do the Atari Flashback or the Sega Genesis TV games. This could probably be done for about $100, and you could get 3D gameplay for newer games. And, with a system like this MVS conversion would be a breeze.
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    100,000 + 1 things you never new about neo

    I'm now really curious about all of this. It would be interesting to find out the connection between the Alpha68k system and the Neo Geo. From what I can gather the Alpha68k, was used by Alpha Denshi as early at 1987, and SNK in 1988. SNK also started using the SNK68k system is 1988. The...
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    PGM2 on the way??!?!!

    I'm surprised it's 2D only, from the looks of the video. I wonder if an ARM based system, based on a reference board.
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    Puckman Pockimon Jamma board?

    I got the board in, and the board looks really good. The pictures rolls a lot though. I tried my Frog Feast on the system, but it didn't work. There must be something else required to get the game working. I'm debugging through the orginal game to figure it out.
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    Is this a real label ???

    That's the ultra-rare Russian version! Metal Slvg ε was 12 days from being released, but Gorbachev screwed that up!
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    Stop MVS To AES coversions--They Ain't Safe

    Then you make statements like that. Are your parents DeeDeeDee's or did you just turn out this way?