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    SvC Chaos Plus vs Super Plus

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    SvC Chaos Plus vs Super Plus

    Why ban? He's just trying to get an answer to the question he asked back in April. Which is the last post on the previous page.
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    PlayStation 5 + Xbox Series S/X thread.

    And you forgot the One S... But srsly, you'd think they learned from Nintendo and the Wii/Wii U failure. But nope.
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    PlayStation 5 + Xbox Series S/X thread.

    The Fallout 76 XboneX I gave a friend was just a regular One X w/a digital code for a copy of Fallout 76. And it was selling (not just listed) for more than the Gears 5 LE, Taco Bell LE, or Cyberpunk LE editions. That was before the Series X was for sale so I can't say that it's a One X/Series X...
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    FS: Ghouls n Ghosts conversion 175 shipped SOLD

    damn, the shit you miss out on while asleep
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    PlayStation 5 + Xbox Series S/X thread.

    And it's also partly because the One X was discontinued. Prices started goin up then. And when the Series X was released it got slightly worse. Similar to how the Switch got retarded because the plague reduced manufacturing supply and increased demand due to people having more time stuck at...
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    Y'all motherfuckers are welcome. Be sure to properly thank skate for his time/effort/knowledge to do this. I'm just the dumbass that bought the drives. And despite repeatedly trying to get him to keep one for his own personal use (they're nice drives), he gave em all away to make sure erryone...
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    Games Beaten in 2020

    Went through the Gears saga on my XboneX with someone from work. So we beat... Gears 1 Gears 2 Gears 3 Gears Judgement Gears 4 Gears 5 I think I beat Borderlands 3 (PS4) at the end of '19. But that mighta been at the beginning of '20. Don't quite recall. I mostly played BL3, Minecraft & the...
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    Did he do what? At some point he re-designed the cart opening to be a tad wider to accept non-SNK carts shells better. I don't think he's done anything else different on the shells though beyond that.
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    Weird Accessories And Hardware.

    I might still have a JogCon. Never grabbed a NegCon though. Didn't ever use the JogCon much.
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    Weird Accessories And Hardware.

    I snagged a NOS N64DD last year. Got a DC keyboard for Typing Of The Dead. DC fishing rod for Sega Bass/Marine Fishing. Kinda feel like the DC has a lot of specialty accessories... Still wanna grab a Steel Battalion setup at some point.
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    Total cunt alert!

    Got me. But everyone always screams SEARCH FUNCTION! but then when you actually do continue a thread like yer always yelled at, you are then yelled at for bumping an old thread. Just pick one and stop yelling about both....
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    Christmas haul thread.

    Apparently I'm doing something wrong then...
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Srsly... Mopar peeps don't seem to buy anything else though. I guess if that's what ya want, that's what ya get Coworker had a troublesome Jeep (Compass I think) that was never quite ok and would need significant repairs on the regular. It died last week so I suggested MAYBE look at something...