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    Gradius II intro redone in HD!

    Nice!! But where the hell is Gradius 6? Or at least a Gradius 5 HD? I would be happy with that for now!
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    the Truth of God

    Religion is simply a way to justify being shitty to one another. o-l8iqeva0U
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    Does anyone else watch their food as it microwaves?

    Yeah me too... Is it wrong to admire your 'handiwork'? Or is that normal?
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    How to troll a dating website.

    One word: HILARIOUS!
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    the Truth of God

    Because there is no way to really prove someone is 'possessed', if they said they had cancer then it would be different. These jokers have been getting away with it for years.
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    I wonder what you comic people think of the DC relaunch designs.

    Got my hopes up and then found them smashed to pieces!!
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    Ugh. Some people have issues.

    LOL! :D
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    Cool pick up....Zelda related!

    Good call keeping a CRT for those consoles, I kinda regret not having one, anything RGB for me looks awful on my LCD screens. Gonna invest in something to generate scanlines :)
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    Anyone have BAD neighbors? (ignorant, White Trash, Pigs, Drug Dealers, ETC...)

    Because the sound of 'dinner time' at your neighbours was like something from the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'? I wonder how much it costs to keep these guys in macaroni cheese each month?
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    2d pixel/sprite artists - share your wisdom here...

    Just saw this thread and thought it might be cool to share some of my friend's pixel work. He has been converting films into Lucasfilm/Lucasarts stle point and click visuals. Sorry the text is all in Danish.
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    Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning

    And he is the reincarnation of who? :P
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    Cool pick up....Zelda related!

    Looks great :) Kinda overshadows the little metal Zelda pin I was given when I picked up my copy yesterday. Either way I think its cool, just don't know if I will ever wear it. :spock: EDIT: Yeah I just noticed how dusty my shelf is, I promise to get that shit sorted tomorrow! ;)
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    Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning