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    WTB: Esprade PCB

    Did you find one?
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    FS Ring Edge 2 multi systems

    $425 shipped. SSDs, some stock bits included. Tested and working. New battery. Nice system! Another- 450- full fan and thermal paste replacement. Thanks!
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    Post subject: Ketsui Kit, CPS2 Shooters, Neo Carts, Aero City grommits

    Ketsui kit. $1450 shipped (includes soundtrack, superplay with superplay booklet. Missing one part of the inner cardboard. Comes with arrange and stock roms. Comes with pop (1 big, one small), instruction strips, 2 papers (yellow, blue).
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    Samurai Shodown V Perfect/Final Edition extracted data

    Is there a hands on impression list or something that y’all recommend? I know the devs didn’t have access to any change log- so I’m curious to what all is different on there.
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    Samurai Shodown V Perfect/Final Edition extracted data

    THanks for doing that! Curious to see what comes of this
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    Analogue NT ~$300 ends in a couple hours
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    FREE STUFF: Ringedge 1/2 Multi game HDDs (claimed)

    Yeah, this is super legit. Virtua Tenis, UD, and Caladrius are all fire. Haven't played the others yet.
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    Samurai Shodown V Perfect

    Im buying it. Also really hoping it can be on a cart. Ironclad made me soooo damn happy.
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    Analogue NT ~$300 ends in a couple hours
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    WTB Capcom Cute Mini If you're willing to do the work on it- it can be a good price. I can point you to the monitors (so cal). Come get it.
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    Sengoku 3 MVS (legit) on ebay. Ends in a few hours. $60
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    Kraut Buster LE ebay no reserve
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    Piko Interactive acquired an unreleased Neo Geo game.

    So- I've been around a little bit and I don't recognize some of those. Where do you find your information? I'd love to look at what's known for these.
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    Samurai Spirits Zero Special Final Edition
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    Garou 1 penny start free ship (Also Ghost Pilots) Consigning the Garou for a friend.