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US Title: World Heroes 3
Japanese Title: World Heroes 3
Year: 2002
Size: 990 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? No


Steve's Note:


To the reader, welcome.


Now, you might think I'm crazy.  Actually, you probably always thought I was crazy.  Anyhow, I feel this can be a graceful addition to the website. And if somebody wants to do one for Last Blade 3, Fatal Fury 4, Samurai Shodown V; the list goes on, that'd be sweet.


To Bobak, many thanks.  I couldn't have done this without his patience and understanding.  


As for World Heroes, this how I feel part 3 should be like if it ever came out.  I know the chances are low, but I still have faith.  The Heroes shall not go gentle into that good night...




It was a most faithful and shocking day.  January 26, 2002.  The day SNK/ADK announced the return of the World Heroes.



The Heroes have remained at rest since 1995.  Never before has a fighting franchise been dead for so long and to return.  ADK released World Heroes 3 on July 28, 2002, the 10 Year Anniversary of World Heroes.  July 28 has come and gone so here's a breakdown of the game, in case you never played it...  ;-)




What's Old Is New Again...


-Death Matches.  All the old Death Matches (spike walls, electric ropes, haircut match, etc.) return as well as some new ones!



-Neo Geegus.  After the 2nd tournament, he disappeared.  His failures left Neo Dio NO choice... but now, Dio has brought him back to life.  Geegus wants his revenge on the Heroes.

One catch, Dio has OTHER plans in store for him...


-Bonus rounds.  The most outrageous one to note is the battle with the Loch Ness Monster in beautiful Scotland.




What's New:


-Death Match Type 2.  There are two types of Death Matches to pick from, in addition to the normal match of course.  DM T2 is found within each of the characters' regular stages.


i.e. If DM T2 was picked and you're fighting on Jack's stage, the locals in London will sling shot rocks at the fray occasionally.  If you get hit, it will take energy off and also leave you stunned for a split second, just enough for the enemy to capitalize.



-13 new characters!  They will be described later on.


-Mini games galore!  Some include:


Johnny Maximum's Football Fury!  Complete with WH characters (Your choice of weather conditions and day/night games). 

Muscle Power's Saturday Night Wrestling!  Join MP and the Heroes (Normal or Death Match style...).

Dragon's is "Streets of Rage" style!  Battle Dio's Freaks and then battle Dio in the final stage; Dio's Palace.

...and more!


ADK conducted a two week long poll on February 2, 2002.  Vote for any character/myth and whoever gets the most votes, that character will be in the game!  Pretty clever of ADK eh?  And now, without further ado, let's meet...



The 13 new 'Gladiators of the Galaxy:’


Neo Geegus

Ht: 6' 6  (varies)

Wt: 260  (varies)

Favorite SDM: Chaos of Clones

We know his story a bit already.  Bottom line, he's angry as hell.  Able to morph into anything or anybody, he was the original bad ass in the 1st tournament.  He has something to prove (but remains loyal to Dio...).


Max Honor

Ht: 6' 2

Wt: 168

Fave SDM: The Thriller

This African American fighter is based on a mix of MC Hammer and Michael Jackson.  His stage has a certain 80s appeal to it and plays tunes based on "U Can't Touch This," "Thriller," and "Beat It."  Look out for those strobe lights!



Ht: 8' 4

Wt: 728

Fave SDM: Abyss of Darkness

Dio's personal pet monster; Neo-Rasa is dynamic and nasty.  With his savage grunts and physically intimidating frame, few come more terrifying then Neo-Rasa.  His strength is off the charts and he'll stop at nothing once he spots his prey.


Xavier M.

Ht: 6' 0

Wt: 170

Fave SDM: Violent Fury

Based upon Malcolm X, this hot-tempered man fears no one, not even Dio and his Freaks.  Xavier thrives on his strong belief of W.I.N: Whatever Is Necessary…


Nosferatu (the chosen one)

Ht: 6' 9

Wt: 145

Fave SDM: Midnight Outbreak

The character ADK received overwhelming votes for.  Nosferatu is one freaky bastard and is one of Dio's upper servants.  He has been given an extra dose of power from Neo-Dio... he can withstand sunlight!  Heroes, look out!



Ht: 5' 11

Wt: 162

Fave SDM: The Unprettier

When Professor Brown used his time machine to visit the 1700s, he witnessed the battle between Casanova and Count Xavier Branicki.  Branicki was severely wounded and the on-looking crowd, including Brown, was impressed.  Brown teleported to the following year (1767) to Vienna and found Casanova in a jail cell, arrested for charges on gambling.  They would later meet eye-to-eye and the rest is history....


Bloody Mary

Ht: 6' 2

Wt: 120

Fave SDM: Bloody Ecstasy

Bloody Mary is here and hungry for some retribution!  She works under Dio and has an affection for Nosferatu.  Like Nosferatu, she has a good reach and plenty of moves to draw blood.  "Payback sure is a bitch... a bitch named Bloody Mary!"


Professor Brown

Ht: 5' 4

Wt: 108

Fave SDM: Time Thy Enemy

The man responsible for the world's faith is finally selectable.  He was severely provoked thanks to Geegus, which we'll get into later.  There comes a time when every man has to stand up for himself.  His Time Machine is very fragile and in the wrong hands...



Ht: 5' 6

Wt: 125

Fave SDM: The Divine Hour

Based upon "Journey to the West"/"Monkey Magic."  Kongo battles with his trusty red staff, the Power Rod.  Straight out of Flower Fruit Mountain, this monkey warrior fights for mischief, glory, and Divine Power.  He looks forward to facing Hanzou, Dragon, Dio, and the others.



Ht: 6'1

Wt: 181

Fave SDM: The Calling Card

In 2003, the world was suffering a serious economic downfall.  Crimes and violence flooded the streets.  LA was plagued by the most vicious gang in the world, "The Dark Dragons."  Led by Akira Aoki, he is FBI's Most Wanted.  When Brown visited 2003, Akira snuck in the time machine and now he's ready to cause crime and chaos in a NEW generation; the year 3099!


Neo Rumpo

Ht: 4' 4

Wt: 190

Fave SDM: Soul Manifestation

Based upon "Rumpelstiltskin," a major deal was struck when Rasputin fell to

the dark side.  Dio refined Rasputin's powers and in gratitude, Rasputin recruited his old pal, Rumpo; a grotesque little demon with nimble powers.  Dio enhanced Rumpo so that fire could not kill him and renamed him Neo-Rumpo.  It's a SCREAM come true when the fairy tale ends and the nightmare begins!


Mr. Vampire

Ht: 6' 4

Wt: 280

Fave SDM: Ming Die-Nasty

Based upon Hong Kong's infamous Hopping Vampires, Mr. Vampire is the most volatile of his kind.  While he can only hop, don't underestimate his speed and agility.  He is one of Dio's favorite servants due to his fearless hunger to maim.  If anyone should ever confront him, it'd be wise to do so anytime but nightfall....



Ht: 6' 3

Wt: 200

Fave SDM: The Flat Liner

Legendz is a calculated man with a mysterious background.  All we know is, he doesn't work for Dio and he's not one of the "good guys."  One foggy day, he appeared out of the mist.  Spellbindingly, he stated: "And on the Sixth Day, God created Legendz... Heroes get remembered.... but Legendz never die."



The Story.


So how did Geegus provoke Brown as previously mentioned? 


One day, Brown was visited by his mother.  She wanted to test drive the time machine and Brown reluctantly agreed.  As Brown activated the system, his Mom snuck behind and whacked him out cold.


She then proceeded to travel through time to recruit the likes of Nosferatu, Bloody Mary, Mr. Vampire, Neo-Rumpo, and Dio's personal pet monster, Neo-Rasa.


After they all returned to present day, the new recruits immediately headed for Dio's palace to greet the Demon God.  Brown's mother stood in the doorway a silhouette.  She laughed vilely as her face transformed.... Neo Geegus!



*Deep Japanese Accent*  "WORLD HEROES THREE!!!" 


Arguably one of the best game intros of all time.   


As for Zeus, he didn't appreciate the scars Dio gave him in the previous tournament.  He ponders about getting even, but in the meantime, "supports" the Demon God.



Neo-Dio: A Whole New Beast...


What's this talk about Dio and servants?  Dio possesses wicked powers known as the NEO ARTS.  Dio can control the local weather conditions, is quick as a cat, semi-omnipresent, and a master in electrical, flaming, and freezing techniques.


Dio also recruits people to his dark side.  These everyday common folks who join him are known as Neo Freaks. The taxi driver you ride with in the mornings... he could be working for Dio.  The old homeless man on the street corner back by the alley begging for money, look out. Remember all those people cheering like mad in the background of the Death Matches?  Bingo.  Neo Freaks...


What's more, Dio's recruiting the World Heroes one by one.  It takes a mentally tough person to fight it.  Not only in the physical sense, but the mental aspect as well.So why would anyone join?  Dio puts it quite simply, "You're either with me or wiped out!"  He also "promises" to teach the new recruit a small dose of the sacred NEO ARTS...




New Alternative Characters:


To make this storyline work, ADK has alternative versions of the World Heroes.  They are available to all characters not named "Neo-" and are renamed "Neo-" and so on. (i.e. Neo-Hanzou, Neo-Fuuma, etc.) They will have certain different moves, SDM, endings, win quotes, and colors. 


And their stage will take a more sinister twist as will their appearance...



For example:


-Rasputin's SDM is his controversial "Secret Garden" while Neo-Rasputin's is summoning a mutated, fire breathing T-Rex.


-Mr. Vampire hops while Neo-Mr. Vampire can walk and run, a complete change!  In Hong Kong, the running and walking vampires are known as "Super Vampires:" Vampires who are extremely pissed off.




The Lowdown On The Returning 19 Combatants:




Ht: 5' 9

Wt: 152

Fave SDM: Slice The Shimmering Light

Leader of the Iga Ninja clan, he still has some unfinished business with Fuuma.  Stopping Dio is another priority.  Hanzou has the will power to fight the dark side, but deep down knows there is a dark side in all of us...



Ht: 5' 9

Wt: 154

Fave SDM: Fireball Slug Trick

Although short-tempered, he knows right from wrong and doesn't take kindly to Dio's lifestyle.  But, how FAR would he go to defeat Hanzou; his eternal rival since the 16th Century?  With knowledge of the sizzling NEO ARTS...


Kim Dragon

Ht: 5' 5

Wt: 110

Fave SDM: Fist of Heroes

An avid movie star and legendary martial artist, Kim Dragon is arguably the most explosive combatant in the tournament.  His unpredictable and flamboyant skills strikes hard and strikes fast.


J. Carn

Ht: 5' 7

Wt: 265

Fave SDM: Fire Blast

One of Dio's servants, this big boy is ruthless.  He disfigures his opponents to a pulp with spikes and fire.  A very worthy contender to dismantle the World Heroes.



Ht: 5' 6

Wt: 117

Fave SDM: Fire Bird

Based upon Joan of Ark, Janne still believes Mr. Right is out there somewhere.  In the meantime, she looks forward to squaring off with Bloody Mary and her Fire Bird remains a most feared move that has humbled even the toughest of men.



Ht: 5' 11

Wt: 150

Fave SDM: The Secret Garden

When simply Rasputin, he is the same old sorcerer with questionable sexual taste. But when Neo-Rasputin, he is a lethal walking entity of destruction.



Ht: 6' 1

Wt: 271

Fave SDM: Emerald Explosion

A super cyborg warrior capable of amazing attributes.  Although mechanic, Brocken is able to sense physical human emotions.  He's a victim in a way, he was born too mechanic and too human to be either one.  He spends his days protecting the world and has earned the nickname, "Guardian of the Universe."


Muscle Power

Ht: 6' 8

Wt: 298

Fave SDM: The Main Event

MuscleMania is back and running wild.  He is stronger then ever and wants to show everyone what the Main Event is all about.  He is eager to grapple with Neo-Rasa and prove he is... "Numbah Wahn!"



Ht: 5' 4 

Wt: 106

Fave SDM: Poetry In Motion

No longer infatuated with Hanzou, she is now prepare to place all her focus on the tournament.  She might be the smallest Hero, but her Judo expertise speaks for itself.



Ht: 6' 7

Wt: 380

Fave SDM: Whale Snarfer

Erik the Viking is intense rivals with J. Carn.  Erik loves to explore the world and doesn't appreciate Dio and his Freaks threatening its existence.


Johnny Maximum

Ht: 7' 1

Wt: 276

Fave SDM: Crunch-Time!

Wishes to terminate Neo-Dio and Zeus, Johnny's nickname is Titan.  Greek mythology stated that the Titans were stronger then even the Gods.



Ht: 5' 6

Wt: 110

Fave SDM: Muay Thai Machine Gun

A most lethal kick boxer, Shura's over glaring weakness is his struggle for perfection.  He holds a personal grudge toward Kim Dragon and has a weakness for his darker half....



Ht: 5' 5

Wt: 106

Fave SDM: Heaven's Blows

This shaman heard voices and has return home to defend against evil, namely Neo-Rumpo and Dio.  With his light hearted demeanor, Mudman's a world of spunk waiting to explode.  His spirit buddies return and are more "playful" than ever.


Captain Kidd

Ht: 6' 3

Wt: 172

Fave SDM: Pirate Punishment

He wants no part of Dio's dark side and he doesn't consider himself a hero.  Many believe Captain Kidd to be the wild card of the tournament.  But as far as he's concerned, he is the only card that matters...



Ht: 6' 11

Wt: 150

Fave SDM: Relentless Revenge

Considered by Dio a weak man's Nosferatu; Jack has something to prove.  He wants everyone to remember that before there was the term 'serial killer'... there was... "Jack the Ripper"...



Ht: 6' 9

Wt: 243

Fave SDM: The Giraffe Bomber

Ryofu is struggling with his inner mind.  He has visions of saving the village from the bad guys while other times envisions he's the one tormenting the village folks.  He takes it out on whoever dares to challenge him.



Ht: 5' 5

Wt: 111

Fave SDM: The Silent Pounce

Gokuu has learned the art of drunken fist boxing.  He's glad his friend Kongo is here, but Gokuu himself is no pushover.  His drunken combat, monkey fu, and basic all-around knowledge of the martial arts is sure to take him a long way.



Ht: 8' 0

Wt: 500

Fave SDM: Atomic Finale

As stated earlier, Zeus is a "sidekick" who has individual intentions in the back of his evil mind.  He feels he has the power to overthrow Dio if he really felt like it...



Ht: 6' 9

Wt: 275

Fave SDM: The Dio Sphere

Master of the NEO ARTS and ruler of the Neo Freaks, Dio is more dangerous then ever.  He believes the years of resting and training will pay off.  To those who want him dead, Dio responds, "I'll pulverize them!!"



The Response:

World Heroes 3 was received very well by gamers and critics alike.  So far, it's the token chomper of 2002.  EGM's Sushi-X had the following to say:

 "I always been a big fan of Street Fighter, but ADK's World Heroes franchise I always felt had the potential to one day match every single move Capcom has to offer.  Well, that day has come.  The Heroes have finally arrived."

The overwhelming success is paying off huge dividends.  ADK is reportedly working on an anime series and at long last, "World Heroes vs. Street Fighter."  For more info and such, check out the interview at the bottom of this page.  EGM goes one on one with World Heroes mastermind, Kazou Arai...


World Heroes 3 goes down in video game history as a franchise that proved it's never too late to make a roaring comeback.  Kudos to ADK/SNK.  It's great to have the Heroes back and better then ever...






EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with WH creator Kazou Arai


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