by wagesofsyn


Japanese Title: Sonic Wings Special
By: MediaQuest
Year: 1996
System: Playstation
Other Versions? None


Back in the days when arcades were big business, shooters abounded. There was no arcade you walked into that didn't sport some incarnation of the Raiden series. SNK followed suit and contracted Video Systems to publish a shooter on the Neo Geo (a sequel of their little known Aero Fighters). In Japan, it came to be known as Sonic Wings 2, but here in America, we called it Aero Fighters 2. Sonic Wings 3 was released after 2, with the same success as the second. Shortly before Sonic Wings 3 was released, Sonic Wings Special came to Saturn and PSX. 

Why is this game called Sonic Wings Special? Basically, Video Systems took all the levels from Sonic Wings (or Aero Fighters) 1 and 2 and put them into this game. Think Fatal Fury Special.  A good blend, if you ask me. 



Very true to its Neo Geo counterpart. There's little to no difference between the Neo Geo version of this (these) game (games) and the PSX version... which isn't necessarily a good thing. The PSX is able to handle more refined graphics, and while the game doesn't look bad, it could've been a tad more refined. Explosions and special effects are big and spectacular though, as any shooter's should be. 



Shooters aren't known for their massive amounts of complexity, and Sonic Wings Special is no exception. There's no slowdown in the game whatsoever, and controls are easy to catch on to, since you only use 2 buttons. Load times are almost completely non-existent.



As good as it can be, I guess. Nothing really special at all here. Explosions, gunfire, etc, etc, etc abound amid cheesy music. The quality is alright, but it's not really a buy for its sound. Play a CD while you play this game.


Final Thoughts 

Sonic Wings Special is a great game to have in your PSX collection. It brought a genre to Neo Geo that it didn't have before, and did it well. The PSX port is nearly arcade perfect, and a fun and easy game to get into. If you see a copy of this great import, pick it up. 


- John Gillerlain 

Overall: 8.7 / 10


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