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US Title: SNK vs. Capcom:
The Match of the Millennium
Japanese Title: SNK vs. Capcom:
The Match of the Millennium
Year: 1999
Size: 32 Megs
Pocket Link? Yes
Dreamcast Link? Yes
B/W Compatible? Yes
Color Compatible? Yes
Japanese Option? Yes
English Option? Yes


SNK VS CAPCOM: Match of the Millennium 

(Developer- SNK Publisher- SNK) 


When I bought this game back when it came out I much like everyone else had no more then the highest expectations for it. I expected this to be the new high point for all handheld fighting games. I wanted this to be a game like no other and I wasnít disappointed not one bit. This is my favorite game for SNKís handheld and with good reason. 


Graphics- 10.0 

This game was a new high point for all fighting games on handhelds even SNKís own Neo Pocket. The super-deformed styles of the characters fit perfectly for a handheld, and allow more facial expressions for the characters. All of the moves you remember from both SNK and Capcomís arsenal are shown in full force here. 




Gameplay- 10.0 

This game does not disappoint in this factor one bit. Simply this is the most fun you can get on the NGPC or any other handheld for that matter. This game even beats out some of the fighting games available on the consoles. The game is full of extras, a glorious fighting engine, a roster full of memorable characters and more. The game is of course linkable to the Sega Dreamcast for KOF 99í Dream Match and Capcom VS. SNK as well as Card Fighters Clash for the NGPC (Another awesome game). Each character has his own rival in the game and you get to play against him mid-way through the game for example Ryo and Dan, Ken and Terry, Ryu and Kyo etc. The game includes an Olympic mode where you can play many fun side mini games like using Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins. Also whenever you beat the game you will unlock a box to your next secret character (it could be the same box). Even a tag mode is included in this unbelievable package that plays perfectly. You are of course allowed to choose which mode you want to use (SNK or Capcom) and what type of fight you want (1 on 1, tag VS. style, KOF style 3 on 3). Vega and Billy Kane also make cameos. 


Sound- 10.0 

All your favorite tunes from Capcom and SNKís games are here. Even Krauserís organ music is present in this game. The game has great music. I especially enjoyed Ryu, Ken, Terry, and Krauser's music. 




Control- 10.0 

The game has a very responsive control and the moves are easy to pull off. 


Innovation- 10.0 

This game explodes with innovations never seen before from a handheld fighting game. Finally a great fighting game for a handheld that can be taken seriously, and with all the extras this game is perfect. 




Replay- 10.0 

The game made me keep coming back to my NGPC for months this is the game you should own if you have a NGPC ( It should be noted that it does not run on a Neo-Pocket Black/White) . The extras will keep you coming back, unlocking characters, and of course just the great fighting engine. 


Overall- 10.0 

The greatest fighting game on any handheld system and the best game on the Neo-Pocket in fact the best handheld game ever. Truly this game captivates and never letís go.



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