by Neon8


US Title: King of Fighters R-2
Japanese Title: King of Fighters R-2
Year: 1999
Size: 16 Megs
Pocket Link? Yes
Dreamcast Link? Yes
B/W Compatible? Yes
Color Compatible? Yes
Japanese Option? Yes
English Option? Yes



What in my opinion was the main title to get when the NGPC came out, KOF: Round 2 was released back in 1999 and was a masterpiece of a game. KOF: R-2 was Dreamcast linkable with KOF 99: Dreammatch, and would show off what the NGPC was all about. Great games. 


Graphics- 9.5 


KOF: R-2 featured some of the nicest graphics featured in a handheld system, showing that fighting games can be done on a handheld. (KOF:R-1 and SS!1 were released for the original Neo-Pocket a year before but only in Japan) Using super-deformed characters was an excellent choice for SNK, it allowed for many facial expressions and for the characters to animate more fluidly, it also fit the pocket theme nicely. In the past handhelds like the Gameboy and Game Gear always tried to make their fighting games look like its big brother counterparts( Genesis and Super Nintendo). The backgrounds also looked nice reminding me of KOF 98 which this game is based on. 



Gameplay- 9.0 


KOF: R-2 has an excellent fighting game engine imitating KOF 98 well and will keep you entertained for hours. Much like Samurai Showdown! 2 it also has a large roster of characters to choose. One of the biggest replay makers in this game is the Making mode where you get to choose one character and try to build him up throughout battles and a small storyline. You get to earn your characters new skills in this mode and get to edit things like your quote at the end of each fight. The game also many hidden characters to unlock in the one player mode. It is much better then KOF:R-1 in my opinion even if it was only in black and white. 


Sound- 9.0 


KOF:R-2 comes out with those great tunes some from KOF: R-1 and some recognizable from its big brother counterpart KOF 98 (or 99: Dreammatch on Dreamcast). 


Control- 10.0 


I found this game to be very easy to use using the NGPC's excellent joystick and no move was hard to pull off for me. 


Innovation- 8.5 


This game's main innovation is it's great making mode where you get to put your character through a sort of quest, and gain skills. 


   In Game 1


Replay- 9.5 


The game is very balanced (except Rugal of course!=)) and should be very fun for any KOF fan to play. The hidden characters should keep you playing for a while as well as the great making mode. 


Overall- 9.0 


An excellent purchase indeed. KOF: R-2 should keep any KOF fan busy for a while and warrants a purchase.



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