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Title Screen

US Title: Fatal Fury First Contact
Japanese Title: Fatal Fury First Contact
Year: 1999
Size: 16 Megs
Pocket Link? Yes
Dreamcast Link? No
B/W Compatible? Yes
Color Compatible? Yes
Japanese Option? Yes
English Option? Yes


Review by Sol Badguy


US Title: Fatal Fury First Contact

Jap. Title: Garou Densetsu First Contact

Year: 1999

System: NGPC


First, let me tell you that SNK obviously thought that the Garou - Series was too popular to not make a game for the NGPC. Second, the review only reflects my opinion about this game. If you like something, don't let others influence you too much with their arguments.




Graphics: 8/10

Every flash, every animation is as good as ever, wonderful to watch, not one combo or super move is missing, and the backgrounds are as detailed as the pocket allows. The deformed versions fit the pocket very well, because of the facial expressions (I know, it's often told). All our favourite heroes are here and give their best. One thing I could grunt about is that the chars are all in two colors (Metal Slug 2 has it's advantage in this). But it's not too important. 


Sound: 7/10

Obviously they just took the "typical" Fatal Fury-Tracks and ported it to the NGPC. There's not one music tune I don't know from the FF-Series. In this department, this title is totally lacking innovation. SNK can make it better than this. No more left to say.


Gameplay: 9/10

Here is where it shines. Control is tight and responsive as far as the handheld can handle, smooth like silk. The combos and supers are good to pull of, no weak points in this category. The joystick is used to it's full extent. Well, I say that a good game should be played because of the gameplay and the pleasure that derives from it. If Gameplay is good, there will be also a good replayability as well.


Replayability: 8/10

As aforementioned, good gameplay, good replayability. This title will keep you going for some time (especially the FF-Freaks). 


Overall: 8/10

Well, in conclusion, it really seems that SNK just ported Fatal Fury 3 to the NGPC. That does not mean that it is a bad game, it's just that SNK could have made so much more out of this title. But it is still very enjoyable and I still play it. My judgment? This Title is for the Fatal Fury Freaks of you, who want to play their favorite while traveling or for those (SNK Freaks) who buy any NGPC Game.



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