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US Title: Faselei!
Japanese Title: Faselei!
By: Sacnoth/SNK
Year: 2000
Size: 16 Megs
Pocket Link? Yes
Dreamcast Link? No
B/W Compatible? Yes
Color Compatible? Yes
Japanese Option? Yes
English Option? Yes


Review by Sol Badguy, cartridge from my Friend Matrixer

US Title: Faselei!

Jap. Title: Faslei!

System NGPC

Year: 1999

Developer: Sacnoth


Whow, a tacticís game on the NGPC, who would have imagined!! Team Sacnoth recruits itself by ex-members of Squaresoft (Final Fantasy). It is obviously inspired by the Front Mission-Series, but it has itís own features and style all along. Well, and now the nitty-gritty...




Graphics: 9/10


Well, here we have an isometric Mecha-Battle view. The Mechas itself seem to be too little at first, but that is because otherwise there would be no good overview of the terrain and no chance to develop a good strategy. The Mechas are also in one colour, but you donít need more, you just have to distinguish between you, your (very handsome) teammate and the enemy. The terrain also changes with every mission, so thereís a lot to discover and every time another strategy is needed. But letís face it: Who plays a title of this genre because of the graphics. All the characters are displayed be very well drawn pictures. And the life bars and Mecha Data are all visible at first sight. The Terrain itself is mostly shining with color, but in some levels, it can be seem as one coloured and lacking, but such cases are fortunately rare. Even so with the buildings.


Sound: 9/10


Turn the Volume down at the Intro! The music has been sampled, with the appropriate sample-rate which means not the best quality for your ears. The pocket can do a lot better. In the levels there are perfect sound effects such as the stomping of your mecha when you move. Also the weapons are distinguishable by the sounds, rockets have the blast-sound and guns the typical staccato. Very enjoyable and ear pleasing.


Gameplay: 10/10




Well, it is the only Tactic Simulation Game on the Pocket, but here Sacnoth deserves some big kudos! The commands are intuitive and the ingenious command feature adds to gameplay and replayability a lot. All walk directions (up, down, left, right), two weapon types, and reload to be chosen from. This feature is one of the marvels of this game. It makes it a lot easier for you to think of a good strategy. Brilliant!




Second, at the Headquarters thereís a mecha shop to buy new weapons, computers, shields, backpacks and more for your mecha or even a new mecha! That adds even more fuel to the fire because this makes many possibilities of the game experienceable. The money for buying in the shop is given to you by beaten opponents, which leave a can on the field when they disintegrate. You have just to pickíem up. This game is not linear, you can choose your missions, except in the first level, where you begin. You can not choose your character, only edit his name.



The Storyline is well thought out: You are a member of the rebellion group named Faselei! (which gives the Name for the Title) and fight against a dictatorship. The country has seen a civil war before, and your goal is to establish a democratic system in your home country. But the general-dictator refuses to leave you free room to do this, and so you battle his army of mechas, tanks, helicopters and more vehicles. The more you advance, the more difficult it is to win and a more refined strategy is needed. You stay permanently in contact with your tactical advisor and radar commander. At HQ you get a examination of the completed mission and a briefing for the next one. You have even the possibility to go out with your teammate and establish a relationship. Just amazing!!  


Overall: 10/10


Well, if you like tactics donít hesitate. But you need much patience, because as far as I know there are not much cartridges of this title and it is not cheap. It sometimes beats the newer GBA games in price. But if you have it (I donít, sniff L), you can count on it, that it will keep you gaming for a very long time. Replayability is guaranteed. This is a marvel of a game! Thanks SNK and Sacnoth!!!


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