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US Title: Biomotor Unitron
Japanese Title: Biomotor Unitron
By: Yumekobo
Year: 1999
Size: 8 Megs
Pocket Link? Yes
Dreamcast Link? No
B/W Compatible? Yes
Color Compatible? Yes
Japanese Option? Yes
English Option? Yes

Biomotor Unitron was SNK's first RPG on the Neo-Pocket and was developed by Yukembo it was released in October 1999. There were some people who had mixed feelings about the game but I really enjoyed it. Biomotor Unitron's basis is building up your mech (Unitron) till you can become the Master of Masters. While its premise may sound cheesy the game holds much depth. As you acquire various resources you can use them to develop your unitron's Arms but more on that later. 

Graphics- 9.0 

The game's graphics look great on the Neo-Pocket the characters in town and when you battle are well animated. It should be noted that some of the weirdest enemies attack you in this game. The graphics are especially nice considering its an 8 meg cartridge and is a 1st generation Neo-Pocket. The Dungeons also look good and nicely designed (they are random) in Biomotor Unitron. 

Gameplay- 9.5 

This is where this game shines. While some might now like actually being able to walk around Biomotor Unitron's one town I feel that selecting where to go from a menu fits well for this RPG. On the way to finally becoming the master of masters you acquire a variety of resources that you can have your helper (apprentice) use to develop your Arms into something better. This is where the true fun of this game comes in trying to get the perfect combination using your arms and resources is quite fun and kept me playing for hours on end. The battle system is quite easy to learn and the battles don't get boring with a cast of some the wackiest enemies I've ever seen in a RPG. There are 5 races to choose from in the beginning of the game. You can choose from the Lizardman, Forester, Human, Birdian and a Mariner. There are 8 affinities in Biomotor Unitron, which are Earth, Mirror, Fire, Dark, Water, Light, Wind, and Wood. These affinities effect how much damage your Unitron can deal or be dealt, there are also items that can change your Unitron affinities. Dungeons are random in the game making for a enjoyable experience, as you can't memorize the way. It's new every time. To become master of the masters you also have to enter tournaments (ala Monster Rancher) which you can use to build up your class till you finally reign supreme as Master of the Masters. 


I love the tunes in this game! They fit the game so well and they are just really good. Now if only the Pocket had bigger speakers..... =) 

Control- 10.0 

Control is responsive when you're walking around in the dungeons otherwise then that its mostly a selection game so control gets a 10. 

Replay- 9.5 

The complex and enormous amount of combinations you can do with your arms and resources makes you come back to play this game till you have the perfect Unitron. The game it self has a good battle system as well making you come back to play it for fun. 

Overall- 9.5 

This RPG's depth on our favorite pocket system truly impresses and is certainly worth its $29.99 price tag well if you can find it. I would make sure you get a US version though cause the Japanese one has no multi-language support so if you don't know any Japanese this game won't be much fun.

Yes...Yes I am!


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