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Bobak's Old LA Apartment

Los Angeles, CA


From Bobak: "I only took a few pictures because the gaming was actually quite intense.

I never ended up in any pictures, but that's no problem since I appear way too many times

in the Photo Album anyway.  Actually, a few of my old friends and roommates dropped by."



At Full Steam

On the Candy-Cab [L to R]:  sonofx51 and KOF_FANATIK

On/Watching the TV: Wan-Fu, Kirk [Bobak's friend],

CrackerMessiah and Joe [Bobak's friend]

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Everyone taking a break from being systematically

whooped by Wan-Fu's killer Charlotte in SS2

Joe, Wan-Fu and CrackerMessiah

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Okay... it's blurry.  I'm sorry.

[L to R]: B.I.GPSYCHE, sonofx51 and KOF_FANATIK

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In the end, the set up was a Candy-Cab with 4-slot, an X-Box,

a modded Neo-Geo (not pictured), and a Candy-Cab with other

JAMMA PCBs (like SNK oldies such as "Prehistoric Isle in 1930"

and "Street Smart").

In the foreground is Talitha and Ekoe (well, his chop anyway).

Old friends, good friends.

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