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March 2005: Bobak Goes to Tokyo

Because I'm feeling a little lazy, here's a direct adaptation from a post made in Unrelated:


Loopz asked in my SuperPotato, Akihabara thread in General Discussions about whether I went karaoke-drinking in Tokyo. The answer is yes. I actually met up with longtime members tsukaesugi and RBjakeSpecial.

I figured some people would find this amusing, so here are some photos -some of which I can't really remember... particularly Karaoke.

Drinking in Japan is quite fun. As Tsuka noted (and is clear to see to all), there really isn't much of a hang-up on public drunkeness. With mass transit everywhere, you can pretty much go nuts. Only problem in cities like Tokyo is that the last trains are just after midnight, and the first trains are at 5am, so there's little middle ground (taxis are too expensive). Still, there ain't anything preventing you from having fun within those parameters.

Tsuka, Bobak and RBJakeSpecial get hammered on Sake and Japanese Pseudo-beer (this was RBJake's going away party from his old work, we'd been drinking before we got there. The nice Aussie chick took our photo)


Tsuka lost a bit of his ability to walk



The Karaoke place had some weird names for its rooms...



But who cares when you can sing/scream and order more beer?



I don't know how this photo ended up blurry because the camera was on a stationary object (I think I cracked something in my forearm because its over a week later and it hurts but there's no bruise) I don't know the guy in the tie, I think he used to work with RBJake.



Anyway, if you're in Japan do take at least one night to go get wasted and karaoke. Getting wasted probably wasn't even necessary (it's fun if you're with the right people), but it certainly made it more manic.

No, I didn't sing (or understand) J-pop. I did a pretty bad rendition of REM and Korn, as I recall. My voice didn't get back to its normal loud self until this week.


Here's a bonus photo from Nara, Japan:



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