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    Hey... You clicked on my name, thanks!  Since you're interested, let me tell you a little about myself.  My name is actually Bobak.  I'm the colorful, somewhat political, rather bad-ass moderator who doubles as the editor-in-chief of reviews at Neo-Geo.com: the home of the Neo Community.  I also run the Neo Community photo album, documenting Neo Fans in their (somewhat) natural habitat; and I'm planning the upcoming Neo Museum for the collectables and oddities of the Neo Scene.  Essentially, I'm interested in anything and everything that can make this community tighter.  Since this role covers a large area, I thought I'd create a little page to tell you more about myself, in case you're curious about who you're dealing with.


Review Philosophy:


What make a good review on Neo-Geo.com?  A good review has no specific format.  Heaven knows, creativity can be the hallmark of a good review.  The important thing is that your review puts across facts, ideas, and opinions that help other gamers get the whole picture: story, gameplay, sensory experiences, etc.  For example, with my reviews I tend to not only get into the storyline within the game, but also the story surrounding how the game came to be and how it fits into to the history and culture of video games.  Do I expect your reviews to do that?  No.  I simply expect your reviews to give a good opinion about the game and cover the areas you deem important.


Review Pet Peeves: (or how to set yourself up for a rewrite)


- People who don't run spell check


This isn't difficult.  Nothing will impress me less (or anybody else in life, for that matter) than a person who doesn't take the few minutes it takes to electronically proofread their work.  Are these cyber-checkers perfect?  No.  A computer won't tell you that you used 'their' instead of 'they're' and 'hear' instead of 'here.'  However, it will catch 'definitly,' 'atack,' and dozens of other common errors.  That's not to say you shouldn't use words that are commonly used but the computer doesn't like.  We all know what 'cartoony' means and only god knows why 'replayability' hasn't made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.  ...having a name like Bobak (and the spelling flags it causes) gives me some tolerance to misunderstood words and names. 


- Generic Reviews:


If I can take your review and apply it to any game ever made, there's a good chance that I'm going to ask you for a revision.


Forum Philosophy:


Freedom of speech is paramount.  Have fun.  Be passionate (for better or for worse).  Don't post things that can actually hurt another person.  Be considerate when making signature files (i.e. ax huge pictures).  Have fun.  I believe that the internet's greatest gift to society is its free flow of ideas.


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Other Interests:


I nurture strong interest/participation in: Architecture, geo-politics, world history, US Politics, labor politics, philosophy, movies, Hollywood's affect on world affairs, college football, the USC Trojans, video game history, working out, teaching sex ed for Planned Parenthood, traveling, writing, trying new cuisines, collecting souvenir-size landmarks, collecting matchbooks (I don't smoke), socializing, and just plain learning. 

I do have a life outside this: Résumé (for laughs -excuse the formatting difficulties; you could say I've been a bit of a Renaissance Man).


My Past, Present and Future: (location)


You may have noticed that, in my reviews, I take some creative liberties with my "about the author" sections (a few of them are actually 100% true, try and guess which ones).  Actually, I was born in Toronto, Canada, spend a few early years in Stratford, ON, Canada; moved to California when I was 3; served 15 years in Bakersfield, CA before moving to Los Angeles for college (USC) and work.  Law School (U. of Minnesota) has brought me out to America's Siberia (a.k.a. Minneapolis), but I plan to return to LA, dropping by at every possible opportunity before then.




It's come to my attention that there are a number of people unrelated to this website who are finding this page when searching for me (I'm flattered, really) or even my parents (how my name pops up is beyond me, but if you're looking for Dr. G.B. Ha'Eri or Nima Ha'Eri, let me know.  If you are searching for Bobak Fereydune Tavallali Ha'Eri (the one who went to Heritage Academy, Garces Memorial HS, USC, or University of Minnesota Law School), you can send me an email at  BobakUSC [at] yahoo [dot] com (the weird format helps prevents harvesting, just ignore the spaces!).

[This little exercise in cyber-narcissism is under construction]

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