Hello Martin,

I was recommended to you by Nils of mdpc-x.com.  I'm requesting your expert opinion on a cabling color scheme based on the pictures I've provided.  If you were able to resleeve the red 3ware SATA breakout cable then that would free up more color options.  Also, what about rebuilding a SATA/Molex cable from the PSU?  It has a proprietary connection, and I can send you this cable to use it's termination to the PSU for rebuilding.  It's a cheap black cable as pictured below. 

The 9 year old system case's PSU is dead, so the power supply (KingWin Stryker STR-500) will be placed outside of the system case as shown.  It will likely be placed 1.5' to 2' from the system case.  There is an opening at the top right rear of the system case to allow cables to route inside while case is closed.

Cable color combination = grand bleu, b-magic, & schwarz.

The cables required:

  1. SATA power cable for powering DVD burner. 46.5"
  2. SATA power cable for powering 4 SSDs. 46.5" is the distance required to reach 1st SSD, that is the SSD at top, each consecutive SSD will be approximately 1” lower, and I suppose approximately 1” further from the PSU.
  3. SATA data cable. From motherboard to DVD burner. (cable to be sleeved was provided).
  4. 24-pin motherboard power female to 24-pin male + integration of 2-pin male (see bottom 4 pictures of this webpage). 32" for 24-pin, 44" length for 2-pin (that is 44" from PSU terminal but can branch from 24-pin)
  5. 8-pin CPU power extension cable, from PSU's non-modular 8-pin male to 8-pin female of motherboard. 20"
  6. 6-pin power extension cable, from PSU's non-modular 6-pin male to video card's 6-pin female. 31.25"
  7. Sleeved SATA data breakout cable. 1m length was provided. Would like original labels reapplied, i.e. P1-P4, etc.  Unless you can create superior labels somehow.

Here's my old fanless system that I'm rebuilding.

The 2-pin mod request outlined in the bottom 4 pictures are the main reason I have contacted you.  However, I thought I'd go with custom cables across the board if you are interested in this project, but what direction I go with depends on whether you can rebuild the PSU SATA/Molex cable and that red 3Ware breakout cable.

I require a modification to a cable with a 2-pin male terminal.  This 2-pin terminal is powered by part of a 24-pin motherboard connection.  I have two of these cables for two computer builds.  I can send both of the complete cables to you for modification just in case this 2-pin male terminal is not available on the market and this way you will be able to see how it is wired from the 24-pin motherboard cable so that you can determine the correct voltage and amperage.

The pictures below are of a 2-pin cable that came with my silent/fanless Zalman TNN-500AF case that is required to power on the system by remote control, probably to power an infrared sensor.  The 1st two pictures are of the 2-pin male cable that I need converted and sleeved (or built new if you know the exact terminal this is).  This 2-pin male cable is powered from a cable that plugs directly into the now dead PSU of the system case.  Note that this 2-pin black and purple cable stems directly from the PSU end of the 24-pin cable.  I can send you this exact cable shown, or preferably, I'd like you to build 2 of these cables if you know the exact 2-pin male terminal to order.  The final two pictures are of the female terminal that the 2-pin male cable plugs into.