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Thread: IDE cables to connect MV-1C to motherboard.

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    IDE cables to connect MV-1C to motherboard.

    Its been mentioned previously that members have had difficulty sourcing the memory card reader interconnects. A recent thread that touched on the topic prompted this 'how to" post.

    MV-1C socket. (there are two 60 pin sockets on the board) I dont know why it was designed like this, as more than half the connections are common ground or not connected, it could have been done using one 60 pin connector.

    2 x standard PC HDD 40 pin IDE ribbon cables. You will require 3 IDE cables to end up with the two 60 pin split plugs.

    Split one down the center. ie 20 pins.

    After trimming the excess plastic (including the IDE keyway) from the plugs, everything comes together rather nicely.

    BTW, we have the pin out from the mobo to the actual PCMCIA socket itself so if youve got patience and reasonable soldering skills,(and a PCMIA type2 socket) you dont need the MV-1C or connecting cable to get your memory card hooked up
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    I'm going to bump this since it was hard to find and extremely useful! Thanks toddy!


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