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    Post Which format is best

    I feel like such an idiot.

    Like everyone else I waited with much excitement for snk v capcom in 1999, and when it came out i was disapointed with so many things,that my fave snk characters had most their moves depleted,that most of em had pathetic animation, that ryo sakazaki looked and played nothing like his real self. I especially hated th easy AI. Its possible to complete the game on hardest with Dalsim alone every time!!!!! Yet on KOF 97 on neo geo I struggle to get to round 6!!!

    So basically that was it, I completely forgot about the SNK v capcom series for the next 2 years, thinking it was not the real snk being mate offered me snk v cap pro bootleg, but by then I had no interest and didnt even understand how many updates there had been to the series

    I even saw snk v cap 2 eo on gaemcube in a shop but I had no interest and looked away

    But now I just read the review about cap v snk 2 on dreamcast and I am amazed!!!!!!

    Haomaouru, Todo,Eagle and Rock included in the lineup!!!! WHoah, now I just need to buy this game.....but im wonderin what version is best, dreamcast or gamecube???I own those 2 and my cousin has the ps2 so technically he could buy that??? which is the best???

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    I have the DC and PS2 versions, the cube has a couple "new" features where you can do the supers by pressing one button. I'd go with the DC version since it's arcade perfect and a lil less pixelated then the PS2 version.I think the cube version is online like the x-box version but I'm not so sure on that one

    Hope any of this helps

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    I'd say ps2 if you want a nice controller that isn't all over the place. If you plan on getting a joystick the cube or box versions would be okay.
    but the cube is if you're not serious about it(at least that's what I gather from the controller and "easy operation"
    If you want to not only play it but battle online than I think the box is the only system that has that. But is xbox live worldwide? or just for the U.S.?

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    I'll say to stick with the dc, I play my version with my old japanese saturn's STILL the best for 2-d fighting games...

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    Hmmm...I'd say PS2 version. I didn't even know CvS2 was on the DC.
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