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Thread: AES Boots Garbled/Reset then Fine - It also hates Pulstar (a lot)

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    AES Boots Garbled/Reset then Fine - It also hates Pulstar (a lot)

    My AES has done this for quite some time. I'll boot it up and it will display a garbled mess of a screen. If I quickly turn it off then immediately back on, it boots normal. So long as it's been about 24 hours I won't run into the issue again, but if it sits for a bit it will come back.

    My AES also hates Pulstar. I've had two copies this year, an Eprom conversion and currently an authentic, and they both produce the same error.

    Usually around the end of stage 2 the game will freeze and flash a green rom error (unibios) telling me to clean my cartridge. I recently sold the conversion "as-is" because I thought the issue was the cart, but turns out it's just a thing with Pulstar as it happened to me today with my authentic. Happens with or without unibios cheats. This happens with no other game - and I have 64 to test it against.

    I keep all my games super clean, and I recently cleaned my console's contacts with Deoxit so I know that's not the issue in this case.

    The only other issue I know of with my console is the memory card slot trace on the board is broken as the console recognizes the card but I can't use it.

    Console was modded with component video, s-video, stereo, unibios 4.0, reset light (not by me).

    Any thoughts/help?
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