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Thread: KOF 2002 very early serial number, boot?

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    KOF 2002 very early serial number, boot?

    Hi. I'm about to sell this KOF 2002 with very low serial number, it was acquired by the operator i worked on and after closure i got all the stock.
    I'm 100% sure about the pcbs, about label i'm pretty sure it is legal but want to confirm with you if someone have a serial # even lower than this.

    SNK had variations on serial position across a cartridge's life (well, they were really a mess with relabeling and whatnot), but this one is new to me, is like stamped onto the already printed label, like if they were in a production hurry or something for the very first units. I have another cart with even lower serial, same kind of "stamp".

    Do you? (to view full image size, right click and "view image")
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    Legit Mexican 2002 cart. IIRC, Mexican carts had orange shells for 2002.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digmac View Post
    Legit Mexican 2002 cart. IIRC, Mexican carts had orange shells for 2002.
    US carts are orange as well. What makes you think this one is Mexican rather than US? The stamped serial number? I thought US kits of 2K2 came with English and Spanish art sets.

    I have 2 of these with printed serials - one has it in the top left, the other in the bottom right of the label. So this is apparently an additional variant, and then there's the JP version with a green shell. There may be other shell colors but IIRC I've only come across orange and green for legit carts. Bootlegs tend to have repro yellow, black or clear shells.

    I doubt the "low serial" of this particular cart adds any value, especially considering the overall condition.

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