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Thread: Terry - Slappin' Some Ass (Literally)

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    I hope Kotaku doesn't play KOF 13 any time soon. They'll have an SJW anuerysm (though admittedly some of those ethnic representations in backgrounds are pretty cringe).

    Anyways, shitty ad is shitty. It's out of character, the animation is something out of a CGI scene from a PS1 game, and SNK was right to put the kibosh on it.

    Personally, I'm way more offended over how much money these SNK licensed mobile gambling simulators are exploiting from people.

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    Do they not realize most JRPG's are preteen girls with barely any clothes?
    ..... some people are clearly disconnected from what is still considered normal in Asia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    This right here. That's the problem with a lot of outlets that concern themselves with what has come to be termed "retro gaming". They lump all this other lame shit in with it and make people feel like it's all part of a big package. Can't stomach anything Kotaku does. Especially when a game comes out and they put this tagline on their review of it: "(insert shitty game name here) - The Kotaku Review". Hilariously self-important of them.

    Imagine a time where liking arcade games automatically translates into liking Dr. Who or some shit... What a time to be alive.

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    Kotaku as a site is still a joke.Still with terry slapping that ass does that mean he's not okay

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    I used to browse Kotaku ten years ago, honestly thought they been cancelled themselves or gone totally bankrupt. How do they sleep at night when a good amount of the media they love has been established off the back of 80's, 90's non pc Japanese culture

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    wait until they play Metal Slug Attack and see all those 6yo looking waifu you can buy...
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    Stuff isn't doing him any good, wow.
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