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Thread: MVS to PAL Scart No video or sound

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    MVS to PAL Scart No video or sound

    I am using a retroelektronik supergun and an MVS 2-slot.
    I am connecting the jamma connector to the supergun which I power using an old arcade power supply which delivers exactly 5.2v to the board. The mvs is powered on since I see the red led on. The NeoSD cart seems to boot as well (orange led flashing when power is on. The supergun has a RGB SCART out which I have connected to a working PANASONIC tx 25ck1c/m which has an RGB enabled port on AV1 (which is the scart connector on the back of the tv). Oddly enough, no image or sound going on, no cross hatch, nothing. The supergun doesn't output sound either (through the headphone or speaker jack).I have been able to exclude the TV and afaik the mvs is fine. Also tried a two other mvs 1fz which I know should work. The supergun is new and looks fine. What could be the issue?
    I remember from way back when the 8 dip must be off so I verified continuity and it is , in fact off. I suspect the scart cable but since it is a 21 pin out, 21 pin in that could hardly be the problem(?). Any suggestions are welcome.
    Thanks guys!
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