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Thread: Samurai spirits 2 works but others are not working with MV-1C

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    Samurai spirits 2 works but others are not working with MV-1C

    I was trying to make a MVS with Neogeo X case but the MVS-1C board is working with Samurai spirits 2 only. (Other games like Samurai Spirits 5 or others are not working)
    I was looking for the cut line on board but I cannot find it.. (I made it with another board cause it is not a big problem but I just want to make this board works also. )
    This is the one I made. It is Korean but there are lots of pictures cause I hope you can understand.

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    Check the voltage of the 5V line using a multimeter. Also, how many amps is your power supply?

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    Most likely dirty slot connector. Use a thick piece of cardboard with contact cleaner and insert/remove at least 5 times, also make sure your cart's contacts are clean, too. Use a pink eraser or art eraser on the edge connector.

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