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Thread: Unreleased Neo Geo Game Writeup: QP (Quality People)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digmac View Post
    QP screenshot & art gallery:

    Character List
    4th opponent – Berusaiyu Nobara
    6th opponent – Marīaso Tatowa Yatsuterasowa
    You got the last boss' name wrong. It's ン not ソ, and ッ not ツ so basicallly:


    Basically it's an obvious pun of Marie Antoi(nette) "I am not" (yatteraren'ha), just like the previous boss is a pun on Versailles no Bara, of Ikeda Riyoko-sensei's fame. :-)
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    Super cool, sad to say we will probably never see this game.
    Alright, back again with THE IMMORTAL JOHN HANCOCK

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