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Thread: Nanao MS9-29S wiggling

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    Nanao MS9-29S wiggling

    So I decided to start restoring my New Astro City which hasn't been turned on for years. I noticed a little bit of a wiggle a years ago, but now it seems to be out of control:

    Is this common? I assume it's probably a capacitor, but I figured I'd check here first.

    I tried two different boards and two different power circuits in my house, so unless it's the JAMMA connector (I doubt it) then I guess it has to be the monitor or the PSU that's the problem.
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    My guess is power related. Try plugging into a different household circuit via extension cord. Else, recap your PSU.
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    Could be caps, or bad joints. If it’s still on the factory caps, start with a recap and also do the filters. I’ve had similar issues disappear when I reflowed all the points.
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