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Thread: Why haven't homebrew devs done a Beat 'em up yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missile View Post
    Ok I get you. Well I disagree with you on simplicity in beat-em-ups being a good idea. That's what makes a lot of them ultimately boring for me and probably killed the genre for most people.

    I think we just like different styles of beat-em-ups. I also disagree with what I'm championing being superficial depth. I would argue it is just depth.
    Yup, the simplistic ones are almost all boring. Arguably the best one, Guardian Heroes, uses 6-8 buttons, has a ton of fighting game style moves, a combo system that Sengoku 3 largely ripped off, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAZO View Post
    Yea, I don't understand why beat'em ups are almost always avoided. A cool platformer like Ninja Gaiden would be cool too. I know that steam has a bunch of cool platformers but would be nice if we had some more cool one's on the Neo.
    I've been saying this for over 25 years. It's a shame SNK never made or even commissioned one for the Neo CD as it was more home-centric. I'd love to see an indy dev make a game for the Neo in this vain rather than the slew of clones we get from most developers. My dreams of a Mega Man style game on the Neo continue to be dreams - or even something like the Messenger. God, that game is fantastic!

    On topic, I'd love to see a new beat-em-up on the neo. They can be simplistic as other's have stated, but SOR2 had depth for days despite a limited control set up. I never get tired of it, or the fan-made SOR Remake project that really is a natural evolution of the SOR combat engine. It's great stuff.
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    Chance you want to make a homebrew / chance you want to make a beat em up / chance you want to develop on neo geo / chance you have time and equipment to do so / chance of each of your likely required team members also want to / chance you'll complete and polish whatever you start = tiny

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