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Thread: The hombrew scene on the Neo - A gouging greed?

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    The hombrew scene on the Neo - A gouging greed?

    I've been thinking aout this.

    While not my cup of tea (NG Dev team), I can appreciate the effort they put in their games and out of them all, I really think they did an astounding job with Gunlord.

    So, in other words, NG Dev team is quite already a "player" in the Indie, post-Neo Geo era.

    Now with the likes of newcommers making games (or trying to get into) for the platform such as Neotris and Galaxy Guns attempts, wouldn't it just be easier to devellop this on other systems as an alternative?

    I was thinking maybe on a Jaguar for example.
    Why? It's cart based. It has a decently paced 68K to do most of the job a Neo could do. And the carts would be way cheaper to (re)produce than the fatass NG carts.

    Rom size would no longer be an issue nowadays, as they could use them as everdrives do.

    Not only that, but a Jag packs much more juice than a Neo Geo and could pull some decent FX.

    The user base is perhaps lower than the AES one, based on units sold. But a lot of AES are found as Junk and some are beynd serviceable.

    I could talk about the DC as an alternative as NG Dev team used to make versions of their games for it too, but it would not be a 68K system from the starting point. One thing it shares with the Jaguar tho, it's that they both have chunky and hideous controllers.

    All that said, any new "player" coming to devellop to the Neo, specially not squeezing the hardware to the boundaries, are just looking to fetch some quick $$$ on a fancy snaplock-to-be-shelved-as-display-box-never-to-be-played-game.

    There are always desperate buyers for anything that comes out for this system and this is the main reason imho that some people still come to put out stuff for the Neo.

    A new shmup is being develloped for the MD/Genesis and with the lack of capabilities of the system, the work on it is already showing some decent efforts.

    This "Kentosama" guy could have gone the "AES route", but preferred to keep faithful to his plan for the Mega Drive.

    Do you believe we will have people thinking about other alternatives outside the Neo while making Indie stuff for retro systems? Or will the greed to sell a fat shelf-to-be-added-game will still be the main focus on the Indie scene?

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