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Thread: Neo Geo mv1achx

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    Neo Geo mv1achx

    Hello friends ! GOOD MORNING . I have a Neo Geo MV1ACHX, the resistors that go behind the jamma connector are burned. Can ANYONE pass me the values ​​to replace them? . R64 R63 R56 R57 R50 R49 PC29 R58 R48 R51 R47 R46 R44 R45 R62 R52 R61 R60 R53 R55 R54 R59 the board model is MV1ACHX

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    R50, R57, R64 = 150
    R48, R54, R62 = 220
    R47, R55, R61 = 470
    R46, R53, R60 = 1k
    R45, R52, R59 = 2.2k
    R44, R51, R58 = 3.9k
    R49, R56, R57 = 8.2k

    PC29 = 0.1uF

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