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Thread: Neo Geo MV2F crosshatch of death: is this a broken NEO-E0?

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    Neo Geo MV2F crosshatch of death: is this a broken NEO-E0?

    I am trying to repair an MV2F board that won't load any game. It boots straight to the crosshatch test. The unibios memory viewer recognizes activity on the slots, but it will not boot anything.

    I probed Prog slot pin B5-B23 which should be the A-bus for PROM1. It showed activity at all pins except for A3 which was stuck high.

    Pin A3 beeps out to NEO-E0 pin 7, which is still stuck high. According to here, pin 7 is the buffered output of Pin 2. Pin 2 does show activity.

    Am I correctly assuming this NEO-E0 is dead? Or am I reading it all wrong. See the attached pictures for my workflow. Advice would be nice.
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