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Thread: Help with Omron S8XA-500 Power Supply from Neo 25

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    Help with Omron S8XA-500 Power Supply from Neo 25

    Hello everyone,

    I have a situation with missing traces on my S8XA-500 power supply. It helps power the second Neo 25 cab. I think it's from a company called "Omron".

    I noticed that it had massive corrosion, so I decided to clean it as much as I could. As a consequence, there are some missing traces and I don't know how they were originally configured. Ive attached images in hopes someone can figure it out.

    Unlike my previous cab restoration, I don't want to replace this one, as I would like to maintain as much of the original hardware as possible. Also, this PSU helps quite a bit with connecting all other parts together without the need of splicing cables and doing re-arrangements.

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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