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Thread: AES Serial # 000004 from BlockBuster Video Found

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missile View Post
    Looks like a fake. I imagine all the low numbers were given to employees and SNK staff
    No one cared about faggot shit like serial numbers in the 90s. You had to be there I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SNKSOUL View Post
    I ask a complete account removal extraction

    I ask the deletion authorized by Neo Geo Admin Judge Dredd.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Lol the stickers were probably taken from VHS tapes from Goodwill and taped/ re-glued to the system.

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    Blockbuster renting Neo Geo systems? On what planet? Never heard of such a thing. Other systems, yes, but a Neo? Nah, not buying it (literally). Not seeing a scratch on it either, cause you know, rental systems were treated with such care...

    I also like the way the seller referenced "the first Neo Geo systems to be to produced and were exclusively intended as a rental only!!" Yeah, in Japan!
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    To answer idk which post: the NEO-0 (Japanese Neos) and NEO-AECs (Export Neos) had different counts. I had a 4-digit serial AEC with a 5-digit NEO-0 sticker under it. I have a somewhat nice database of neo serials, I'll upload it if I remember when i get back my PC from the repair guy.
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