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Thread: Yusuke Amano (SNK) Lead Character Model Artist – Interview

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    Yusuke Amano (SNK) Lead Character Model Artist – Interview

    SNK lead character model artist Yusuke Amano reflects on his career in the latest Arcade Attack text interview! He worked on KOF, Tactics Ogre, Samurai Showdon and much more. Please enjoy:

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    Cool interview Thank you for sharing!



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    "Out of all the games you have worked on, do you have a personal favourite, and if so, please can you explain why?

    Gosh, there are so many things I could list… But I suppose I’ll settle for Tactics Ogre. Of course, I love the character designs and the pixel art, but what I love the most is the world setting of the game. The story really brings to life its world, and I used to feel completely sucked in when I played it long ago."

    I agree.
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    Thanks! Great read.

    "What are your top 3 games of all time and can you briefly explain why?
    Fatal Fury Special was the first fighting game I had ever played. At a time where I had never seen what fighting games could do, FFS took me by the hand and showed me how cool fighting game character designs could get. It’s no wonder why the game is loved by many today for many things including its designs."

    I couldn't agree more. While vanilla SF2 was my first fighter ALLLLL the way back in 1991, the second I discovered Fatal Fury Special when the SNES port was released in early 1995 I was hooked. It was the first game I got with my AES a couple years later, and it is still the Neo game I play the most. It changed my perception on what a fighting game could be. The characters, art, music, mechanics - everything meshes so well. Easily in my top 5 favorite games of all time.
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    So innocent, very pure.

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