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Thread: 10V on a 12V Power Supply?

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    10V on a 12V Power Supply?

    I recently picked up a Suzo Happ power supply for my Neo 25, 4-Slot MVS.

    When I set the 5V to as close as to the value as possible (5.1V), the 12V lowers to a little over 10V (10.2 or so).

    If I raise the 5V to around 5.7V, then the 12V raises to 11.5V.

    But I fear leaving it at close to 6V, since every info I find says to keep it as close to 5V as possible.

    I know the 12V are for the speakers. These (since it's stereo) are connected to the MVS-JAMMA like cable on the MVS unit itself. No external amplifier, just directly.

    Is it ok to leave it at 10V while having the 5V at 5.1V? If so, will the speakers work normally or will there be issues? Speakers are 4ohms each.


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    Set the PSU to 5V for the logic and leave it.
    Amps in the sound section can run on a wide voltage range. So unless you really want very load volume you should be fine with 10V for sound.

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