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Thread: Acquired damaged MVS cart--who can use it?

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    Acquired damaged MVS cart--who can use it?

    Hello. I have a light green (?) Metal Slug 3 Japanese-label cart that came to me with a gash in the back, and is somewhat defective.
    The game plays, but there is no sound, and some of the backgrounds are missing, or appear as blocky pixelated patches.
    Right after the Neo-Geo splash screen,

    Ver2.20 99/11/01

    is displayed for a moment.

    MY question is, as I have no talent or resources to repair this cartridge, to whom should I offer this to, or where? I imagine someone could repair it, or as a last resort use some of these parts?

    Or, rather, is this thing worth salvaging/should it actually get tossed? I would hate to waste it. I could try to post a photo if exactly how it is damaged is of importance.

    EDIT: Apologies, if this is meant to be in another area of the forum. I did not think this was exactly asking for technical assistance...
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