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Thread: How long will our neo carts last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishamon View Post
    Flat panel technology did NOT arise from it being less expensive to manufacture than CRT; for a long time, it was far more expensive. LCD (including LED, which is a silly name because they don't actually use LEDs to create the image) offers some significant advantages over CRT, though black level and response time are not among those advantages. While I miss my CRTs in some respects, things I definitely do not miss include convergence issues, pincusioning, blooming, and burn-in.

    I do with I still had a couple of my old CRTs for retro-gaming, but sadly, I gave away my last CRT 20 years ago.
    The advantages CRT has over LCD and plasma are black levels, and the accuracy of the colors to the source material. Which, IMO, are the most important aspects of picture quality.
    The picture quality of LCD has improved over time, but OLED's are a lot better, because their black levels and colors are excellent.
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