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Thread: Super SD System 3 - Intermittent black screen issue

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    Super SD System 3 - Intermittent black screen issue

    Hey everybody, I searched, but didn't see this particular issue, so thought I would ask you all.

    I recently scooped up a Super SD System 3 and a Core Grafx II. Got it set up yesterday, and it's basically unplayable due to an issue where the video and music stop, a black screen happens for a few seconds, then the game seems to pick back up. Not exactly crashing, but not playable, by any means.

    This seems to happen on both HuCard and CD games. The first game I booted up was Rondo of Blood, and it did it like crazy on that game. I thought it could be a fluke, so I booted up R Type (the first part, on HuCard), and it was fine. I did enable in game trigger at some point in testing. Ninja Gaiden and Bonk's Adventure both did the same thing. Here's a sample of Bonk (sorry for the crap vid):

    My setup is as follows:

    Core Grafx II
    Original NEC power supply (plugged into 120v > 100v converter)
    Insurrection industries scart cable
    Scart to XRGB Mini adapter > Framemeister
    HDMI to Viewsonic monitor
    Sandisk 128GB card

    I haven't looked at the PCB, but I just bought it this month, directly from SAG, and the listing for the product says Rev B.

    Any help is very, very much appreciated. Thanks all!
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