I recently purchased an AES which has a 3-5 board. It has the original Neo-Pow3 psu and a good quality scart cable, I cleaned the slot and the games contacts, but when I power on the console the 'Neo Geo' logo is missing. Only the credit, press start and energy bars are displayed correctly. From what I gather I am missing the sprite data.

If I power on the Neo without a game I get a blue screen suggesting all is well, but I suspect it could be the video ram chips (CXK5814P-35L)looking at other people that had similar issues, although they did often get a yellow screen indicating this.

I have gone over the board and can't see any broken traces, I've pushed on the chips whilst running to see if its a poor connection and wiggled the cart too.

I have ordered a pair of replacement video ram chips to see if this will fix the issue. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience that could suggest otherwise?

I also tested the Neo-Pow3 PSU which outputs 16v from the wall, when connected to the AES this drops to 14v and I assume the internal regulator steps this down to the correct voltage? Can anyone with a Neo-POW3 hook a multimeter up to it and let me know what voltage you get so I can rule it out, thanks.