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Thread: SamSho IV - 1P Character Select not working? (Stakes Winner too!)

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    SamSho IV - 1P Character Select not working? (Stakes Winner too!)

    EDIT: For future generations: Check hardware dip switch 3 (mahjong controller) isn't on!

    Finally got my 4 slot MVS i got ages ago with my cab working, but I'm experiencing a bizarre issue - for the first player only, and ONLY on the character select screen of SamSho 4, I can't change my character selection. I can press A to select the default highlighted character (Haohmaru), but I can't change the selected character. Player 2 works fine. I also can't change my technique or my level once Haohmaru is selected by default. Once the match has started, I can control my character just fine. It's driving me nuts. The cart PCBs looks genuine to me.

    I would have assumed this was an issue with the cart, but funnily enough trying some other carts of mine, Stakes Winner (thanks HMG!) has a very similar issue: On the name entry and horse selection screen, joystick input does nothing, but once in the race my horse is moving with the joystick.

    I'm stumped. Tried rewiring the joystick's left switch to a working button, no change in behavior. Also tried different slots in my 4 slot, seems to follow the game itself. Input test seems to show the stick working fine, and most other games I'm seeing no issues. I'm guessing that it's a voltage issue or something (grounding maybe?) but I wouldn't even know where to start. Board is MV4F, and unfortunately I won't have another working MVS to test with for another week or two.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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