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Thread: ADK Damashii Compilation - Physical Release for PS4

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    ADK Damashii Compilation - Physical Release for PS4

    "ADK Damashii (the compilation of Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō, Ninja Combat, Ninja Commando, and Twinkle Star Sprites) comes to America for the FIRST TIME in this Limited Run for the PS4, out tomorrow (December 27) at 10am & 6pm ET."

    "Limited Run #315: ADK Damashii (PS4)

    This product is COMING SOON!

    ADK Damashii on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Region free. Limited to 3,000 copies available worldwide.

    There is no purchase limit on this item. Orders of 30 copies (or multiples of 30) will ship in factory sealed case packs.

    PLEASE NOTE: This item is currently in manufacturing and will not ship for 1 - 3 months after the date of the initial sale. All orders are considered final and can not be canceled."

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    looking forward endless waves of sealed copies being resold by flippers on fb for years to come.
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    Two threads about a shitty ps2 compilation on ps4. Merry Christmas!

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    I'm going to flip 30-packs only.

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