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Thread: I need help Emulating SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos, in the way I would like to.

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    I need help Emulating SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos, in the way I would like to.


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but ok I don't lose anything with trying.

    You will see 10 years ago, I spent all day playing all my Neo Geo games on my NeoRAGEx emulator, and the one that played the most (and possibly my favorite SNK fighting game), was SNK Vs Capcom Chaos, and in this emulator I had a cool version of the game, I don't know if it was a HackRom or it was just the normal SvC with cheats activated, but it was the basics, the same game but with all the hidden characters available in character select screen, and these had their voices.

    I no longer have my files from 10 years ago, but I no longer use the NeoRagex emulator on my current computer anyway, because when I use it here the games have very bad audio, so I currently play NeoGeo games on Winkawaks, and now I wanted to go back to SvC Chaos, but I ran into the following problem.

    You see, all the available SvC Roms that are Hacks that let you choose hidden characters including bosses like Athena or Red Arremer, have the problem that for some reason, the audio of the voices of the hidden characters is absent.

    I download and try several HackRoms like Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Super Plus, Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Plus (Set 1), Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Plus (Set 2) and Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Plus (Set 3), and they all have the exact same problem (svcsplus, svcplus, svcplusa, svcplusb, respectively), and even these are the roms that people normally use in things like Fightcade, where the same absence of voices is observed.

    in fact, the roms I mention have half of the weigh from the original SvC Rom.

    Well, I think the help I'm looking for is clear, Is there really no fixed version of these Roms that includes the voices of the hidden characters, or some patch for those roms, that I can look for? And if there is no such Rom, what options do I have to play SvC Arcade like this? I have no idea how you are supposed to introduce Neo Geo Cheats in Winkawaks.

    Because personally it makes no sense to me play SvC Chaos if I don't hear Zero say MISSION KAIZO at the beginning of each fight, or things like that, and I preferred to have to play the PS2 version and unlock Athena after 36 matches in Survival Mode, than play SvC without all the voices.

    I know it's possible to "have a Rom that works like that", because as I told you, 10 years ago I had a Rom that worked like this, I just don't know how.

    So well, I'm looking for that, Play SvC with all the characters on the selection screen (for not to have to put the code of X character each time, or not being able to play using the bosses), with all the characters having their voice audio, and if possible can play with Mai full boob mode without having to change the region to Japan (?)

    my English is not very good, so excuse me if something I said was wrongly written
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    Activate the Unibios cheat to unlock the hidden characters. Use the original official game rom.

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