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Thread: Samurai Shodown The Definitive Soundtrack pre-order starting today

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    Samurai Shodown The Definitive Soundtrack pre-order starting today

    As per title a remastered soundtrack for the original Samurai Shodown can be pre-ordered as either a 3LP box set or 2CD set starting from today. On a personal note I find the price tag quite hefty (for the vinyl) considering the original release is a fairly cheap disc to obtain. But at least they do include the Neo CD soundtrack.

    US folks:

    EU folks:

    Samurai Shodown The Definitive Soundtrack
    by Tate Norio

    SNK and Brave Wave Productions are proud to reveal their fourth collaboration, Generation Series 010: Samurai Shodown for both CD and vinyl. Known as Samurai Spirits in Japan and originally released for NEOGEO in 1993, Samurai Shodown is one of SNK’s most classic and timeless 2D fighting games, featuring fast-paced gameplay, beautiful graphics and catchy music.

    The soundtrack, composed by Norio Tate, achieves the difficult task of producing traditional Japanese sound comprised of instruments such as the shamisen and shachihata while maintaining a distinct NEOGEO vibe. The result is a beloved soundtrack that is simultaneous timeless, yet historical.

    There are two variations of the soundtrack: an AES version and a NEOGEO CD arranged version. Samurai Shodown The Definitive Soundtrack will include both versions, featuring the entirety of the original soundtracks remastered and restored to the highest possible quality, in collaboration and consultation with SNK.

    The CD and vinyl editions will feature a booklet containing artwork from the SNK archives, in addition to in-depth liner notes written by some of the original creators of the game, including series creator Yasushi Adachi, as well as Tate. In addition, the booklet will feature an in-depth essay by Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games on the impact of Samurai Shodown on video game culture and history.

    As Brave Wave’s first 3-LP vinyl set, Samurai Shodown The Definitive Soundtrack will come in a box set featuring three LP sleeves decorated with artwork from the game, with the box set featuring the original iconic Japanese cover drawn by famed illustrator Shinkiro.

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    Oh great! I'm really going to sit and relax to the 16bit sounds of samurai spirits on my antiquated record player.

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    Great, Thanks for the news

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    Honestly all these video game osts on vinyl don’t make much sense to me. The audio’s originally digital so why listen to it on vinyl? Seriously just use the unibios jukebox.

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    Can anyone tell me what Limited Run Games is? Are they authorized sellers of SNK product?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heihachi View Post
    Honestly all these video game osts on vinyl don’t make much sense to me. The audio’s originally digital so why listen to it on vinyl? Seriously just use the unibios jukebox.
    You don't even get the usual audiophile excuses for it. It's purely collector bait and no one's gonna be listening to the OST in the vinyl itself, I guarantee you.
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    Hmm you can use the Jukebox and record the OST or just take the CD Version of the game. I dont see the point spending 60€ for a Vinyl record that i wont ever play.
    Basicly i hear music from smartphone most of the time and as long the whole OST is not newly recorded with some new orchestra i dont even see the point for a vinyl.
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    OST is whatevs, but I'd love to hear the remastered AST that's included.

    The ASTs in their whole catalogue could really use some remastering/new mix love. The original masters weren't that great.

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    This CD/vinyl release is published by Brave Wave Records. Brave Wave has been authorized by SNK to release this. So far Brave Wave has published remastered soundtracks of Pulstar and Art of Fighting 1 and 2. Limited Run Games has an employee that also works for Brave Wave and they sell their products.

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    I love how this shit is already sold out. Who is buying this garbage?

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