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Thread: PC Engine Green/White/Grey/Blue Screen not Booting with awful smell

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    PC Engine Green/White/Grey/Blue Screen not Booting with awful smell


    I bought a White (original) PC Engine off ebay and was sad to see it was faulty.

    I am greeted with different color screens each time I power the console on and off with a game inside.

    Also, it smells like burnt electronics every time the console is turned on. (Especially near the back extension port). Which is odd as I am using a stepdown converter that I have used on all my Japanese consoles.

    Mitigation steps:

    Having done some research on this in my late-night repair video searching (We all do it if we enjoy fixing things lol) and I had found out:

    1) The Green/White/ Grey/ Blue Screen boot screen (One color or the other depending on the consoles mood) means
    * Game is not read and the AV works on the console

    2) Checked the Fuse (Fuse does not shown blown)

    3) Checked the Caps and they don't show any corrosion nor bludging.

    4) Check the 7805 (Haven't measured yet but the Power rail seems to be giving off the necessary voltage else it wouldn't display the colors right?

    5) Check the traces for cuts, and or damaged CPUs, or GPUs . (All looked fine, though I have not seen a schematic to find shorts)

    6) Clean with IPA while searching for issues (Done and still no issue, even tried removing the HuCard a bit while powered on and no change

    7) Felt for heat/ hot parts to see if something was shorting but nothing got hot?

    1) What could be wrong with the console? If the following look good:

    A. Good caps
    B. No burns/scorch marks
    C. No blown fuse

    If this thing is smelling like burnt electronics, yet nothing is hot, what could be causing this?

    Looking forward to any assistance that can be provided.

    It's super hard to find PC Engine/ Turbo Grafx16 documentation/ fixing examples on the internet.

    There are a few but, mostly RGB mods and GadgetUk's awesome vids! (You rock btw! keep it up, I am hoping it's not a bad GPU)
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