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Thread: Limited Run Games - Fu'un Super Combo

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackaneseNiNjA View Post
    As the original successor to the Fatal Fury series, I was definitely a huge fan of both games in the Fu'un series. The projectile battles from across planes in Savage Reign felt like an interesting spin on the plane-shifting gameplay from the Fatal Fury titles at the time.

    From a continuity perspective, I was really digging the futuristic take on South Town; with the setting having become more and more corrupt/lawless as we moved from Art of Fighting to Fatal Fury and finally to Fu'un.

    Some of the pre-MotW Fatal Fury lore/plot ties were pretty interesting too. I did a write-up about it here a couple years ago for those who are Fatal Fury story fans:

    Fatal Fury and the Fuu'un series Chung continuity

    Since then, there have been interviews stating officially that Real Bout 2 has no plot/canon, though it is interesting that Lao was introduced in that game's opening (getting beat up lol) and became a canonical member of B. Jenet's Lillien Knights in MotW.
    I am really glad you are a member here. This post and it’s links are a great read!

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wataru330 View Post
    I am really glad you are a member here. This post and it’s links are a great read!

    Thank you.

    I second this and want to add a very positive member on the forum as well
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    Thanks guys!



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