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Thread: Simpsons 4-player board

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    Simpsons 4-player board

    Looking to purchase this and play on my SG. Just wanna make sure it will be compatible due to being 4 player board? Thanks!

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    Sent you a reply on shmups, but for transparency: yes you can still play this as a 2-player game, you will only have access to using Marge and Homer though since they're assigned to P1 and P2.
    You could burn (or get someone to burn) yourself the 2-player rom that gives you the ability to select your character, but as is, the 4-player version has assigned characters to player positions.

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    Yes, fully compatible. I have both the 2-player and 4-player roms for my board. Newer Konami games handle the 2 to 4 player switching via soft dip settings.

    If you can't make your own roms, here is a 2-player rom set on ebay:

    By the way, if you want to play with 4 players on your supergun, it's not very difficult. You can connect controllers for the third and fourth players directly to the board. Here are some Neo Geo controller connectors I made. They work on all Konami, Data East, Taito boards, and probably others:
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