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Thread: WG K7400 and monitor help...

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    WG K7400 and monitor help...

    I've had this US Atomiswave arcade cab (KoF Neowave was in it) in my garage that I've my friend, and it's been sitting in my garage for almost a year. When he got it, he said that the monitor was good.

    Fast forward to now and I'm cleaning it up trying to get it to work. I have just power to a JAMMA game and to the monitor and I get no image. I do get a slight whine from the chassis and the monitor does do the crackle thing when you touch the front. The power supply I'm using (a Suzo Happ one, came with the cab) works fine; I tested all the DC connections and the AC connection, all pushing out the proper voltage.

    I don't notice the "neck glow" that the CRT should have when it works. I've made sure that the neckboard is firmly in place. What should I check for that? I have to mention that this thing was quickly stripped down when he got it so he could transport it in his van, so some wires were cut, and I'm not sure if there's anything missing cable wise.

    I also checked the fuse on the chassis. It didn't break.

    I'm just learning to deal with arcade monitors. I'm not sure what connections should be going to the neckboard other than ground and the yoke connectors. I'll appreciate any help here, as much as possible.

    Pics: Monitor info Chassis Power supply

    [EDIT]When I power on the cab, it sounds similar to this:
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