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Thread: Exa-arcadia, the new neo geo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ULTRA 4TH GEN View Post

    Of course, it is an honor for me that a puppy like you cites me for not being able to make a SHIT like this "exa-arcadia".
    Long live NGDEV!

    Stay tuned, animal, and you will have your prize.
    You got issues, bro.

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    I really like the look of this system.

    I doubt it will be anything more than a footnote in history within a few years though...

    It's about as affordable to me now as a collector as a Neo AES was to me as an 11 year old.

    If anyone knows of any arcades in the UK that have an Exa-arcadia system to play let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by ULTRA 4TH GEN View Post
    Yes, that afternoon was enough. Today I bring dog biscuits again.
    Neo-Geo peeps ought to make an annual "Most retarded user of the Year" award thread. Maybe that'll help you feel that you accomplished something in life to calm down your cucked civil servant rage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Alec View Post
    Of course the Saturn had capabilities that the Neo didn't, but you're saying that the Saturn with the RAM cart could do anything the Neo could? I think you've really overplayed your hand this time.
    That guy is a very strongly anti Neo Geo guy. He's not the only one. If you search around the internet you will see others who excessively bash the Neo Geo. Comparing Neo Geo to something like CPS 3 is unfair but stuff like Namco's System 2 and Sega's System 32 were out in 1990.

    Also keep in mind SNK never made a game that utilized the 4 MB ram cart...only the 1 MB one.

    If the Saturn had either....a lot more RAM or used cartridges (like the Titan board) you could have had a lot closer conversions. I do however think that Neo Geo had a larger maximum cartridge capacity than even the Titan board though.

    I think a Neo Geo version of SFII while not being a 1:1 copy of the cps original would still be great and miles ahead of the pc engine, megadrive, and Super Famicom versions. I tgink YouTube shows footage of a homebrew prototype that looks great. Stuff like Karnov's revenge, Breaker's revenge, and World Heroes perfect are close enough imo to SF to show it can be done.

    SF III may indeed be impossible on Neo Geo but MOTW looks very comparable imo overall...and superior to any CPS2 or Saturn 2d fighter despite being on older and weaker hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ULTRA 4TH GEN View Post
    Yes, that afternoon was enough. Today I bring dog biscuits again.
    Your wife wasn’t hungry today?

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