So I tried to spruce up the brightness on my MS2930 by recapping it. Mostly went on well except for a few places, and I think it's above my skill set to correct them. Anyway, time for the gruesome pictures.

Orange C519 - Negative pad is partially lifted, I kinda just globbed enough solder for it to hold

Blue C456 - Ruined both pads

Red - The surface mount component between the C566 was accidentally removed while wicking away the old C566 cap. I couldn't figure out the orientation of that piece but tacked it on just so I wouldn't lose it.

Here I had the bright idea to fix a pad I messed up by scraping up some mask and tacking down some non-insulated wire...

So yeah, feeling really retarded now for messing up the board over the past two days. Is this salvageable?